Half bad Half worse

by Seeing Red

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released April 2, 2014

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Scott Miller- Firestation 7 studios




Seeing Red Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City, SD
Facebook- www.facebook.com/seeingredhc

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Track Name: Death Adder
I see the way you take and the way you cheat, I see the way you take and the way you reap. You're a snake and you take and take and take, hiss through your teeth, and shed your skin. I'm boiling over with frustration. You're a snake, cold blooded. Spew your venom and spew your lies, I'm boiling over with frustration. Reap what you sow, forget what you know. At home with the rats and the crows. I'm about to kick in your fucking skull.
Track Name: Exasperation
Write you off. Fuck weekend society, chasms of lust. Live for two days a week, and wonder why it's not enough. I see red. You're a waste of space, so I write you off, when I see red, get the fuck out of my face. Look to a god above for forgiveness, someone to set you free, cause you fucked up and you ain't gettin' that shit from me. No forgiveness from me.
Track Name: Half bad Half worse
Well I'm pissed, here again, death who I just kissed. I got a bad taste in my mouth. I forget, to forget to forget, to forget. If I choke up this pain, then I outrun my past. Kissed by you.
Track Name: Soulless
Do I cut a deal with the devil, or fall through the floor until I'm at your level. A selfish tongue, for selfish lungs. Fate kicks my feet, I'm a end up hung. Found myself at mile 666, I would choke on this devil's spit. Scream my name into an empty room, give way to those who fucking assume. I'm a soulless man, in bed doom, I'll show you why they always leave so soon. If I don't let this out, it's gonna eat me away, I'm torn between your ghost and finding my own way. Weld my soul to my bones, I'm just a demon waiting to be born.